Have you ever gotten stuck with a problem? 

Have you ever wanted to obtain an infrastructure solution for your personal or business usage?

If you have, you know how painful it generally is.

You get promised one thing during Quotation, and get something completely different, delivered, after a long tiring wait. When it comes to service, it is a whole new level of headache. You raise a service request, get forgotten for a week, only to be delayed more.

We, at Coptratech, aim to change your experience when it comes to infrastructure. We specialize in all kinds of Sales, Setup, Installation, Services, and Maintenance of various infrastructural solutions which includes and not limited to Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Networks, CCTV and IT security solutions. At Coptratech, customer satisfaction is our first and foremost focus is Total Customer Satisfaction. 

Our best offering is timely deliverance of apt solutions through latest technology to you in the quickest way possible. 

Being a customer oriented concern, we provide you the total dedication of our customer friendly team which acts independently and with utmost agility to guarantee you the highest level of satisfaction and perfect value for money. We provide you the right solution, for the right price, at the right time.

Coptratech aims to be your one stop for all things necessary for your personal and business needs.